Students Going Global

Expanding minds, hearts, and horizons

About Us July 2, 2012

Students Going Global is a 501(c)(3) charitable non-profit organization, giving high achieving, low-income Detroit area high school students opportunities to travel out of the country on educational tours abroad. We provide the funding necessary, and we utilize reputable Educational Travel Program Providers that specialize in educational tours in countries all around the world.

We aim to enhance the academic, social, and personal lives of low-income inner-city youth, inspire them to reach their full potential, encourage them to become lifelong learners and major contributors to their communities, open their eyes to a world of possibilities, and prepare them for success in today’s competitive, diverse, global economy.

We believe the early exposure of high school students to cultural experiences in other countries will expand their minds, hearts, and horizons and encourage them to think BIGGER, aim HIGHER, and reach FARTHER  in life, and give them the necessary confidence and motivation to pursue their dreams.

With our increasingly diverse and global economy creating a need for the integration of global education, our vision is that within the next five years every high achieving, low-income Detroit area high school student will have the opportunity to experience a potentially life changing educational tour abroad and reap the rewards:

Newfound confidence                                                         Enhanced cultural awareness
Enhanced cultural sensitivity                                               Friendships that last a lifetime
Enhanced career prospects                                                 Stronger college applications
Higher grades                                                                     Broader knowledge / New discoveries
Global perspective                                                              Increased independence

Letter from the Founder, Sharreen Hardy:

Students Going Global was founded in February of 2012.
Students Going Global launched publicly in August of 2012.


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